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Check out FortifiedMinds.com

We want to tell you about a new blog that recently contacted us, FortifiedMinds.com They are a blog dedicated to Freedom from Oppression, Oversight, and Regulation.  That’s something we can all be a little interested in. Check FortifiedMinds.com out today, … Read more »

OPSEC – Learn it, Live it, Love it

“Yeah I have about 20 guns, a couple thousand in silver, and thousands of rounds of ammo.”  I actually heard someone say this at a recent gun show.  I wish I could have heard what the other people were thinking.  … Read more »

Keeping Your Sanity: Stuff to do after TEOTWAWKI

We all know life in a grid-down situation is going to be different, that goes without saying.  TEOTWAWKI is going to be darker, quieter, scarier, and lonelier.  With our society becoming more and more dependent upon technology, the day the … Read more »

Prepping for Every Day

You have your bug out bag packed full, inventoried, and ready to go at a moment’s notice.  Your rifle, ammunition, magazines, and web gear can all be loaded into the vehicle in less than 2 minutes.  Your silver is packaged … Read more »

Starting a Fire in any Weather, by Topper

Note from TT: Here’s an article from our man Topper on some great fire starters.  If you want your article published, visit the submissions page and find out how!  Let us know about your favorite fire starting techniques in the … Read more »

Top 10 – Items to have when you Bug Out

We’re starting a new discussion topic, the Top 10.  We want to hear your lists in the comments.  Eventually we’ll be giving prizes for best lists, but this is going to be a test run to see how many people … Read more »