Tactical Tales is a collection of many things. Reviews, original works of fiction, opinion pieces, and odes to the things we love. 

The goal was this: thoughts and works about 'tactical' media from those who have lived in that space. Many who contribute here have had some sort mileage in combat boots or worked in the firearm industry. I'm not saying that makes us smart (we ain't), but it does help us keep from talking out of our asses just a little bit more than we naturally would otherwise.

We aren't professional writers, we aren't publishers or industry members, and we aren't prior operators. We're just excited about art and media that revolves around this topic and we want to share that excitement with all of you from our unique perspective. 

Thank you for reading

- Tactical Tales Team



Papa Rooster is who you can blame for this project existing.


As with any kid who grew up playing with little green army men, Papa Rooster eventually put his name to a contract and spent a dozen years in the National Guard where he had a pretty typical NG career. Did some training, lived on a FOB, and put a signature on sign-in rosters for power-point presentations he may or may not have actually attended.

Likewise a large part of his life, Papa had always loved film. He credits the friends of his youth, who wouldn't consider a day complete without some screening of Tarantino, Kubrick, or the Coen Brothers. Couple this with having spent days thumbing through Tom Clancy and Brad Thor novels, you can see from where the passion for this project stems. 

He contributes in a number of ways at a number of blogs, but considers Tactical Tales his outlet to "be the dipshit I was meant to be."