State of Affairs

Thanks for the patience, dear readers. All probably eight or ten of you.

The site's been up and down and around as life events dictated my free time and funds more than I had wished, but things are stabile now.

So what's new? Most exciting to me, personally, are the contributions of Ace and Zee, two friends of mine met over discord who are hobby fiction writers like me. I couldn't be more excited about anything this site is doing than to promote my friends.

The TTRPG is making slow progress, but there's progress. This isn't the first RPG I've made and I'm really taking my time to ensure I've got the mechanics I want set in stone before getting to the secondary wish list. It's happening.

Of course, I've got all sorts of ideas floating around my head. Even with the Sixty and Gunfighting Wizards at pivotal points in their narrative, I've got ideas in my head for other projects. The feedback I've received on both has been greatly appreciated and encouraging. Grammar and typo corrections included :^)

There have been a couple start/stops to an Instagram. Honestly, I dislike marketing via social media. If I have a core group of a dozen or so readers then I'm happy. I would much, much prefer that to a few thousand IG followers. Most are bots anyway. I'm writing that venture off forever. I would much prefer word-of-mouth recommendations and those that have had friend-of-friend invites to my personal discord. Talks of a TT discord have been had. It's a definitely "maybe." I don't like much Social Media, but I do like discord.

I've got friends from past blogs reading and contributing. I can't thank you crew enough. Stay hydrated, and change your socks.

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