TTRPG Progress Update 1

Hello! A while back we announced that a TTRPG was in the works! I had some wishlist items in there. I thought I'd throw out a little update for those interested to see where things are at.

Core Mechanics

Things are still going to be D20 in general, with the exception of combat. Here's the working idea.

For attack rolls the player will roll 2d6+1d8. This will total up to 20, but obviously the math will even out to less swingy numbers. I like this, but the true intention was for some other flavor elements.

The 1d8 is there to determine where the shot lands. With rough draft results as follows:

1: Left Leg

2: Right Leg

3: Left Arm

4: Right Arm

5-7: Torso

8: Head

I want to assign damages by round and weapon type as a static number, so only one roll needs be made. Each hit location will yield different consequences, of course. This will require planning around a rather deadly system. Obviously a bad guy rolling a headshot with a 308 caliber weapon spells doom for anyone, and I think the system should reflect that.

This lends itself to the "shift" style health system I want to implement, as injuries to an arm can stack. Or possibly be ignored. If shot four times in the right arm, one will need a tourniquet and splint. Now shoot that right arm a 5th time and what's the real difference?

The rest will likely be a pure borrowing of both Skills and Feats from D&D 3.5 or Pathfinder 1.0. I really like those as the truest way to flesh out the characters, as I don't plan for 'classes' per se. That will likely be the most time consuming portion of building this.


I'm a lot more flexible on this these days. With how deadly the system will shape up to be with the mechanics above, long-term survival campaigns will be, well, not that long-term.

I'm considering making things a bit more theatrical and skirmish-esque. Right now the image floating around my mind is along the lines of Indiana Jones or Tomb Raider. Of course, things can be reskinned. What I made before with my Wallbangers project was purely a combat-only game. I don't want that for this. I want as much roleplay as combat, and that will require some sort of element of investigation and exploration.

Explorers of jungles and ruins certainly do that. This is subject to change, but hey, this is a blog update. Stream of thought is what you're here for.

Other Elements

I'll likely be doing away with the stress counters in favor of a status system. Giving people tags like "Shaken" or "Paralyzed" seems much easier, especially if given clear mechanical directive on how they affect a PC and how they can be remedied.

This is a bit more of a robust, mechanical, and constrained way of just rolling aspects and shift as stolen from FATE (my most darling favorite of systems), but for a D20 system that relies on rolls, numbers, and probabilities, it makes the most sense. This is about the point where I wonder if I shouldn't just be making a splat book of D20 modern or FATE...

The cycle continues. Until next time.

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