We're Making a TTRPG

The title could be the whole post. Though, I'm sure brevity is something you've all yet to encounter from me.

Nearly all of my stories are outlets. Often, they start at roleplaying campaigns. However, my nomadic lifestyle and distaste for voice-chat gaming has left me horribly repressed in unleashing my Tabletop Role Playing Game nerd out and into the world.

Before I've added stats to other Wizards of the Coast and Paizo systems. Likewise, I've tried ventures in my favorite system, FATE Core. However, there's something so very sweet about a bespoke world and a bespoke system for exactly what you want to accomplish.

So, here's the teaser:

The Theme

Dystopia in some aspect. I haven't exactly nailed down just how post-apocalyptic I want this to be, but there's going to be some aspect of it that lands between The Hunger Games and The Last of Us. Of course, it's a TTRPG, so it can be easily reskinned and plopped into Fallout as well as it likely could "Current Year + 5." But all of this will be to serve what I want to be the main elements:

The Main Elements

The Mechanics

Some out there may remember my Wallbangers project. That isn't exactly dead, but it ain't exactly off life support. I'll keep the cord plugged in on that one for now, but I imagine having a lot more fervor for this project in the months coming.

Keep posted, I'll updated as I go!

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